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Our Mission

Since its inception the work has been based on a foundation of faith and by God’s grace has maintained that position until the present time.

The mission’s name originated in the passage from the Gospel of John where the Lord Jesus, on the great day of the feast, called out in a loud voice, “If any man thirst, let him come to me and drink. He that believes in me as the scripture said, rivers of living water will flow from his innermost being.” John 7:37-38

The mission was founded during 1980/81 as a direct result of a command from the heart of God. A famous former hotel was made available for this.

The people God has called to be part of this Mission are from various backgrounds and denominations. Rev. Greg Denysschen is the Director of the Mission. All who live and work on the Mission live by faith. No one earns a salary. Each day God supplies what is necessary to keep the Mission running.

Over many years God has taught us that the most effective tool of evangelism is a life completely surrendered to Him. In every area of service at the Mission there are opportunities to preach the Gospel without a word… be it through the preparation of a meal, the way a call is answered at Reception, or the hard work in the Workshop and the Market Garden.

Individuals and Groups of young and old alike receive a warm welcome at the Mission. The “Hot Youth Camp” was hosted in 2007 to inspire young people to live fully for Christ. Seminars on Marriage and Family are held, andr also training in how to reach people from a Hindu background. Visitors are accommodated without cost in rooms within the main Mission building, or in the Men’s Dormitory. Three meals a day are provided, as well as tea at tea times.

Areas we are active in:

· Local church planting

· Overseas outreach

· Missions training

· Market garden outreach

· Jivannadi Christian School

· Good News Community Radio

· Audio-Visual recording studio

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A Real Follower of Jesus.  Luke 9:23  No Pentecost without Plenty Cost.

The Origin of the Week of Pentecost in RSA

Andrew Murray and other Ministers of the Gospel were deeply concerned about the low level of spiritual life in the Church around the 1860’s in the Cape Province.  They arranged special meetings to seek the Lord for a divine visitation during the 10 days from Ascension to  Pentecost in the hope that He would once again visit His church in a profound way.  During those meetings revival broke out and it impacted the whole of South Africa eventually.

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