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 Community Carol Singing

12 December 2010


13 December

Family Fun Walk

Tongaat to Verulam 

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We would like our program to be God-inspired, as well as God-directed,   and under His control with His blessing upon it.  Please pray with us that He would be glorified in all we do for Him and His Kingdom.




Several groups visited the Mission over this year, the last being a group from Chatsworth this last Thursday 25/11/2010.

Greg Denysschen was on hand to take a service and after lunch and a tour of the Mission grounds, several of the visiting folk requested prayer for various needs.

During a second gathering the principles pertaining to God healing people were explained and the folk were encouraged to come and stay with us over some time if there was a really deep need for healing and restoration.

Greg has also recently returned from a lightning visit to SIngapore and Malaysia holding sometimes up to 6 sessions of an hour and 15min each on the two Saturdays and 3 sessions per night during the week.  On the first Sunday a morning service was taken and the next Sunday two.  Much counselling and prayer was also done

Dr Frikkie Kellerman

Globe.gif (2512 bytes)                          Lebo Jakobs, Michele Coetzee and others involved with the Radio hosted Paul M of TWR at the Mission for Creative Radio Training and Journalism and at the same time we were blessed to have Bro. Sam Rufus from India addresssing the Mission ans Radio staff for some sessions

Major Events 

10km Family Walk together

13 December 2008

 Haggai Institute

MID-PACIFIC Training Centre in Maui, Hawaii .

Greg was away for lectures at Haggai Institute MPC Maui at the end of March 2010.

He had also facilitated at a local and national session in KZN during the first half of this year 2010 and moderated at the Subject Consultation in Novembe at Wit's End, Darkensberg.

The Next Assignment Lord willing would be in Maui during 2011. Work at the mission is still continuing from strength to strength.

October to December

Carol Singing


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