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The deliverance for a young lady who became the victim of someone's voodoo spell.  Pins, hooks, nails, and other metal objects materialised in her flesh and came out of her body.  A medical specialist was in attendance at these times and can verify the accounts. 


Devotional Thought

Reflections for a woman's heart








Video Vision

The Video Ministry   

The transfer of the video material to a digitised format is proving to be time consuming and is now being done on a can-do basis


This year (2010) Rev Greg Denysschen was invited by the Durban Keswick Committee to be their speaker at the Durban Keswick Convention.

Many friends were made and many useful contacts were established.  A team from Maranatha Family Fellowship hosted a Pastor's Lunch as a promo for the Convention and it was very well attended. The Friday Youth Night went off very well and may have been a highlight of the week. Praise the Lord!




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