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Founded during 1980/81 as a direct result of a command from the heart of God,  the work has grown from a few co-workers in 1981 to 33 adult full-time co-workers in 1998. Many of these full time coworkers and some of the long term and short term helpers (volunteers) have moved on to other areas of ministry and other countries. During 2007 we were 24 people serving here and in 2010 we were 27 faith volunteers excluding an number of children and helpers.Today 2019 we are 22
Aunty Ria Ernst, our senior co-worker and do-it-all maidservant of the Lord, went to be with the Lord on 1 October 2010 after a full and faithful sevice to the Lord.




 Greg Denysschen               Annelie Denysschen

Michele coetzee

Michele Coetzee

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Annelie Family  Ria Ernst


 Annelie Denysschen,                her mother Ria Ernst,                    Althea Naidoo                                Natasha Nadasen             

Celebrating the Radio's 5th Anniversary Sept 2000



Anne Watson,



Michele Coetzee,

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These are some of our children at Jivannadi Christian School.  Lebo Jakobs

Mission Kaleidoscope....


Mission cottages.    Greg & "Pliable".Mission's tree house!   Co-workers' village      School Building                  So please keep on visiting us at this site for the latest news.


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