In a certain context "Nadi" can mean "pulse". So, it is also the "pulse of life" or "life that pulsates"!

  • As such it conveys the idea that there is vibrant life. It is our heart's cry that we would be a testimony to this.

  • What do we do?
  •   It may be easier to ask, "What do we not do?"
  • For detailed information select one of the following:


Contact Details 

Tel no: +27 (032) 5333003

Old Main Road

Shortlands KZN

email: [email protected]


Jivannadi:  Daily - 19:00

Sunday -10:30 & 18:00


Sunday - 9:30

Stanger:  Friday -  7pm

Sunday - 10:30

Richards Bay

Sunday - 18:00



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[email protected]