Homoeopathy is regarded by most people as a very natural and innocent healing method.
	Many have had negative experiences with orthodox medicine (Alopathy).  Associations of fear with regard to 
	hospitalization, incorrect diagnoses, side effects of medicines, unnecessary operation,
	anaesthetics and high medical costs are some of the reasons why people resort to alternative healing.
	Homoeopathy is presented to many as the most natural solution to almost any illness.
	Is homoeopathy, however, so natural and harmless?

        		      What is homoeopathy ?
	The basis of homoeopathy was given by the founder, the German doctor, Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843).
	"Similia similibus carantur" or, "like cures like".   According to this, the bug or cause of the illness can be
	used to fight the illness.  The Christian physician, Pfeifer, explains the motto as follows:
	Caster oil causes diarrhea in a person.  According to homoeopathy, the person must now be treated with
	caster oil.  Homoeopathy works on the principle that an illness can be cured with a remedy or substance that
	would cause the illness in a healthy person.
	From where does Hahnemann derive this?  Hahnemann translated books from German into French, Italian,
	English on a part time basis to earn extra money.  It was during the translating of a book written by an English
	Doctor describing the effect of quinine on Malaria, that he arrived at this concept.  He tested the substance
	on himself and found that it induced symptoms similar to malaria.
	Dr. Pfeifer says in his book, that similar experiments done later, did not show the same results on healthy
	persons, to confirm Hahnemann's findings.   "Thus homoeopathy, similar to iridology, is based on the error of
	its discoverer", is his conclusion.  Thus homoeopathy is born out of misunderstanding.
	Hahnemann believed that everything in nature had inner power of life.   The question being just how to release
	that power.   An important influence on Hahnemann came from Paracelsus (1493-1541) who was a spiritualist.
	Although Hahnemann denied his influence, it is generally accepted that the principles of homoeopathy
	originated from him.  Paracelsus believed that an invisible spirit inhabited minerals and herbs.  These spiritual
	forces found in minerals and herbs were the "fifth element",  (the other four being air, water, fire and earth).
	Paracelsus believed that a gifted alchemist knew how to extract and put to use these spiritual forces from herbs
	and minerals.  Paracelsus was however mislead, as the Bible teaches that man is made in the image of God
	and that God breathed into man to make him a living soul (Gen. 2:7).  The earth and vegetation were 
	created by God, without any spiritual forces of life inherent in them.  It is generally accepted that Hahnemann's
	idea of a "vital force" was derived from Paracelsus.
	As Paracelsus believed, likewise did Hahnemann, that every mineral or herb contains a force or 
	spirit that, when extracted has the ability to restore the balance of the "vital force" in the sick person.
	This brought him to the two main principles of homoeopathy.
	1. The Principle of Dilution
	To use caster oil regularly at the full strength, a patient would suffer stomach problems.
	So therefore, the remedy has to be diluted.
	To indicate how many times the original tincture has been diluted the bottle would be marked thus: e.g.
	D(10 x diluted) or 	C(100 x diluted).  A dilution of x 12 is therefore 1 cub. cm of the 
	original tincture with 100 000 000 000 cub. cm of the solvent (water or alcohol).  This means that 
	approximately one teaspoon of the cure remedy mixed with a tank  the size of the Empire 
	State building, full of the solvent.  Hahnemann preferred a 30 x dilution.  Once the dilution is this high
	it is highly unlikely that even one molecule of the cure could be found in a mixture.
	Science has no explanation for the contradiction of the principle of dilution.  It is claimed that the more diluted
	the tincture the stronger the curative power.  Court cases have taken place in the RSA where homoeopathy
	has been challenged after findings that the homoeopathic medicine, after been scientifically tested, was of no value.
	2. The Principle of dynamisation or potentising.
	According to this principle, the mixture after dilution is filled with power (force) by a shaking process.  There must be
	a reason for the success attained by homoeopathic remedies.  The healing factor could not be the remedy (drug) itself,
	due to the extreme dilution.  After 150 years, a scientific explanation for the fact that these remedies do sometimes
	work, has not been found.
	This second principle however puts us on the track of what and who is behind the healing of homoeopathic medicine.
	Hahnemann says: "Shaking (or potentising) releases dynamic energies".  Hahnemann believed that shaking the     
 	remedy after dilution transmits a cosmic force, a pantheistic power, into the medicine.  This energy or force is likened
	to static electricity evoked by friction or the electricity that is stored in a battery.

	In the year 1910 he published his "Organon of Medicine".  This manual is for the homoeopath as the Bible is for the
	Christian.  Many hours of study and research have gone into this book.  Hahnemann was a rebel and strong critic of
	the formerly corrupt medical situation of bloodletting, enemas and many other cruel malpractices that caused more
	deaths than cures. for this reason he strove to find a sensible medical solution to help the total man.  As far as the
	person of Hahnemann is concerned it is said that his personality changed in a strange fashion over the years.  He 
	became more and more impatient, ill-tempered and unreliable.  He cut himself off from his friends.  This gradual 
	personality change began to have an effect on his children's lives.  The pattern of their lives took on a series of 
	tragedies.  Three daughters were divorced, two were mysteriously murdered, another died at 30 years of age and 
	his only son walked out on his wife and son, never to return.
	As a young man he joined the Free Masons.  On the title page of his "Organon" appeared their motto "Aude Sapere"
	(dare to be wise).  Therefore it is not surprising that he in true Freemason fashion refers to Jesus as as "arch-enthusiast".
	One of his biographers wrote that Hahnemann resented Jesus for wasting His time with the general public and sinners, 
	telling them about the kingdom of God instead of leading the enlightened to mystical wisdom: "...the man of sorrows 
	who took the darkness of the world on Himself was an offence to the love of etheric wisdom".

	Frisch, one of his biographers, said that Hahnemann was definitely not a Christian.  He was attracted to the Eastern 
	religions and admired Confucius and his manuscripts.  It therefore is not surprising that his religious concept was 
	Eastern and pantheistic and that terms such as "vital force", "harmony with the universe", "the etherel body" often 
	appear in his book and other homoeopathic writings.
	Those who use homoeopathy must realise that the philosophy of the Eastern religions forms the basis of this healing 
	method.  In addition to the Eastern religions, another important influence on Hahnemann was Mesmerism.  Frans 
	Mesmer was the father of the occultic religious practice known as Mesmerism or Magnetism.  This is the practice of 
	stroking movements over the affected areas with the hands, but without touching the body.

	Mesmer called the power that flower through the hands of the magnetiseur "magnetic fluidum".  Among the Hindus this 
	magnetic power of force is called prana, the Chinese called it chi or ki and Hahnemann called it "life force".  Mesmer 
	is directly or indirectly also the father or influence behind the origin of hypnotism, modern spiritualism (from 1848) and 
	the Christian Science of Mary Baker Eddy (1866) and homoeopathy.  This negative influence of Mesmer and his 
	disciples can never be underestimated.  Even psychiatrists such as J. Charcot and Sigmund Freud used Mesmer's 
	principles in Psychiatry and developed the so-called medical hypnosis.  In other words the same occultic power that 
	Mesmer had, worked through Hahnemann who defended and practiced Mesmerism.  He called it his "Organon": 
	"this curative force, often so stupidly denied and distained for a century".  
	Acknowledged experts on occultism such as Kurt Koch, warns against Mesmerism as a totally demonic healing 
	practice.  It is most likely the same demonic working in Mesmerism that activates homoeopathy to work. The devil 
	of Mesmerism has camouflaged himself convincingly under the guise of natural medicine known as homoeopathy.

	1.   Those who warn against homoeopathy today are very unpopular as homoeopathy appears so natural and harmless. 
	There is however no scientific evidence that homoeopathy works.  The British Medical Association (BMA) state their 
	findings thus: "through a process of dilution and repeated shakings, an immaterial and vital force becomes involved 
	which has healing powers.  We could find no proof of this".  Homoeopathy is founded on superstition.

	2.   Homoeopathy must not be confused with certain herbal remedies which are administered world wide by doctors.  
	To mention a few:  Aspirine extracted from the willow bark; senna (senokot tablets); quinine used for malaria.  These 
	conventional medicines are to be distinguished from Homoeopathic products which have been prepared according
	to the prescribed potentising and dilution methods.

	3.   Roy Liversay says in his book:  "the disquises of improved herbalism are being used to lead Christians into 
	deception".  Hahnemann and his followers today are deceived by the achievement of the medicine and do not use 
	the Biblical way which is to test the spirits (1 john 4:1).  That it works is more important for most than to question 
	who empowers it to work!

	4.   Hahnemann was implicated with the occult by his practising of Mesmerism.  He thus had demonic problems. 
	Moreover, the actual father of the basic motto of homoeopathy, namely , "like cures like" was Paracelsus, an 
	occultic person that lived 300 years before Hahnemann.  Hahnemann adopted certain of his ideas.  Biogaphics 
	on Hahnemann reveal that he was not a Christian.  The question we are left with is who prescribed the healing 
	qualities to him - God or evil spirits?

	5.   In his book  "Organon"  Hahnemann describes what he views the cause of sickness to be: "A person becomes 
	ill when a disease agent infiltrated the body and disturbs the vital energy by dynamistic influence".   Sickness has 
	thus nothing to do with viruses, germs or bacteria but it is a disruption of the vital force in an organ.  What is this vital 
	force that is often mentioned in homoeopathic books?  With acupuncture a cosmic spirit is spoken about which 
	filtrates down from above or, like x-rays, penetrates everything and everyone.  
	These x-rays are called prana by the Hindu,  chi or ki energy by the Buddhist,  fluidum by Mesmerism and life force 
	by homoeopaths.  This pantheistic life force infiltrates you and protects you from sickness, builds cells and keeps 
	the body in good shape (also called controlling force). This force can weaken an organ and then symptoms appear. 
	Homoeopathic remedies that are charged by the process of dilution and shaking with life force, heal and restore 
	the balance of the vital force in an organ and then recovery sets in.  Homoeopathy is thus a physically orientated 
	healing whereby spiritual magic (life force) is involved.  This "life force" is merely a pseudonym for the devil. The 
	similarity with the Eastern religions is amazing!  Not the God of the Bible is involved in healing, but an idol.
	It is common for the patient of a Homoeopath to become a vegetarian.  Why?  This is the initial link with Hinduism 
	and facilitates further linking with other elements of the eastern Religions, e.g. Meditation, Yoga, etc.

	6.    Homoeopathy is deeply rooted in Mesmerism.  Hahnemann practised it.  According to Mesmerism sickness 
	erupts when an imbalance forms between the "magnetic fluidium" in the body and the Cosmos (world) at the other 
	end.  The similarity between homoeopathy and Mesmerism can be clearly seen and the latter with yoga, karate 
	and acupuncture.  In acupuncture the balance is restored by the insertion of needles;  in karate by the exercises 
	(kata's),  in yoga through the different body positions (asana), in magnetism the use of stroking movements and 
	in homoeopathy the use of  "charged medicine".  All these different healing methods are merely a variation of the 
	same theme.

	7.    Homoeopathy in general is on the same level as the witchdoctors remedies - not only in so far as the diagnostic
	methods are concerned e.g. pendulum swinging, iridology and the "blackbox" diagnosis.  Whoever may have 
	received homoeopathic healing has been helped by another God.  The devil is also capable of healing (Ex 7:11) 
	but wherever he "helps" someone physically, he will rob them from in other areas, causing spiritual coldness, 
	psychiatric problems and other negative effects.  Some homoeopaths make use of the pendulum to diagnose 
	illness or to assist in the prescribing of the correct medication.  The pendulum is a piece of metal from which a 
	thin piece of string is suspended.  Kurt Koch declares in his books that the use of the pendulum is nothing short 
	of witchcraft.   Persons who use it are beset with evil spirits which can impart information via the pendulum.
	The same can be said of the cleft stick used by water diviners.  
	Those who consult such persons expose themselves to demons working through these persons.  It is in this way 
	that many people come under the power of the devil and consequently their relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ
	turns cold.

	8.   Some homoeopaths admit they can feel when a person's "life force" is low!   Vithoulkas says in his book: 
	"In reading her pulse, I found the pulse of cancer; a weak discouraged feeling to it and more rapid than normal". 
	Here we have to do with clairvoyance.  This is a demonic gift and puts one under the judgment of God.

	9.    Many declare in justification that a Homoeopath may be a Christian.   Others may add that some Homoeopaths 
	keep Bibles out on their desks or in the consulting rooms.  This does not alter the fact that they are in the devil's 
	service.  The Word says in Matthew 24:24,  "For false Christ's and false prophets will arise and show great signs 
	and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect".  The English Royalty have been fiery supporters of 
	homoeopathy for years.  The queen and others carry the remedies with them on their travels.

	10.   The pantheistic foundation (god in everything) of holistic medicine comes to the fore when working through 
	homoeopathic and other health books.  Through this, nature is worshipped - nature is God and everything must 
	be brought into harmony with nature.  When a person is in harmony with nature, then the power in nature is also 
	yours.  Instead of: Back to God, the motto becomes: Back to Nature.

	11.    Homoeopathy, like Acupuncture, Hypnotism, Mesmerism and other alternative medicine is pure witchcraft 
	(magic).  The devil poses as father to these healing methods.  The root of homoeopathy is rejectionable.  
	Homoeopath's views on causes and treatment of sickness contradict the Bible's viewpoint. Those who practice
	homoeopathy are ambassadors for the spreading of Eastern mysticism and occultism.  Christians must avoid 
	homoeopathic remedies at all costs.  Health shops are usually "Eastern embassies" and promote occult and 
	Eastern ideas.  Christians should be careful!  Homoeopathy is allied to the New Age Culture and must be rejected.

	A certain Pastor (minister) who has a deliverance ministry, warns against Homoeopathy.  He reports that he has 
	come into contact with several Christians who were involved in Homoeopathy and have lost their assurance of 
	salvation just before dying.  There are demonic powers involved with homoeopathy, so be forewarned.

	For more than 12 years I have been practising and using Homoeopathy.  As I believed it was harmless I used it 
	because I was ill.  Homoeopathy gradually led me into spiritual darkness.  Eventually I believed I was being 
	healed but soon realised that I had been bewitched without having been aware of it.  After confessing the sin 
	of my contact with Homoeopathy and renouncing the use of it, all my previous illnesses returned.  But by the 
	grace of our Lord Jesus Christ I am now totally healed and set free as fellow Christians had prayed for me. 
	Closing Comment:  Homoeopaths can only heal when the illness is psychosomatically induced or demonically 
	inflicted in the first place.  It is then easy for the spirits to withdraw the symptoms, after a bargaining process, 
	in return for greater control and possession of their victims.  Another major issue relating to the questionability of
	homoeopathy is the diagnosis.  This is probably one of the main reasons for doubting the practise.  Often 
	Radiesthesia (divining by means of the pendulum), or iridology is used.  The question is not asked, "How 
	does this kind of investigation indicate the illness?