Chiropractics was started in 1895 by Daniel D. Palmer.  For years he'd practised magnetic healing in Iowa, U.S.A. and one day after manipulating a displaced vertebra of a deaf janitor, the janitor's hearing was restored.  Encouraged by this result he began to investigate the possible connection between spinal problems and sickness. His findings were published in 1910 and he became the foundation of a new healing practice.


Palmer received insight from books he read on spiritualism and esoteric philosophies.  These insights are published in his book: "The Chiropractor's Adjuster" where he speaks of an intelligent power, the Innate, present only in living persons.  Innate is a part of the Creator, not the God of the Bible however, but a pantheistic god (force), present in all humans.

Palmer believed that this life force (Innate) is given rise to by the brain and flows through the nerve canals - this of

course making the spine of great importance to him.  An official publication of the Palmer School of Chiropractic

Medicine says: "We are well when Innate Intelligence has unhindered freedom to act through the physical brain,

nerves and tissues. "Diseases are caused by a lack of current of Innate mental impulses.  All diseases are a result

of deranged nerves - Ninety-five percent of those are caused by vertebra luxations which impinge the nerves,"

says Palmer.  According to him all sickness has one cause.

Palmer called his new tecnique Chiropractics basing the name on the combination of two Greek words - Cheiro

(hand) and pratikos (practice).

After his death in 1913, Palmer's son resumed his father's work.  Eastern religious thought influenced his thinking

and he believed in an inner potential in man and stated thus: "The higher power attested to by the world's

religions resides within, not without."  "Everything a man could ask or pray for he has within...  The Chiropractor

removes the obstruction, adjusts the course and there are going to be effects."  Man has therefore only to keep

harmony with the "Innate".

After a phenomenal 50 year growth period in America, England and Europe, the seventies were characterised by

a firm resistance to the practice.  Investigators termed it "an unscientific cult" and members of the medical association

(AMA) were asked to distance themselves from chiropractics.  After much disunity, strife and court cases,

Chiropractics won through.  In the early 1980's it was already accepted as the world's greatest alternative healing

method.  Fuller's book says there are some 19 000 Chiropractors in America alone (1989).

An interesting phenomenon is the use by some Chiropractors in the R.S.A. of "Applied Kinesiology".

It is a combination of Acupuncture and Chiropractics and popularised by John Thie a Chiropractor from Pasadena,

U.S.A. This method became known as "Touch for Health" and involved the use of meridians and a universal

energy.  According to Thie, "the Innate intelligence" that runs through the body is connected to universal intelligence

that runs through the world, so each person is plugged into the universal intelligence through the system.

"Reisser points out that the Chiropractor not only sets out to restore communication between the nervous system

and the body but also with a pantheistic God or universal intelligence. Chiropractics bring about sub-consciously a

link between the patient and a cosmic god.


Because Chiropractors found that spinal problems could be attributed to muscle weakness, stiffness and cramps,

they had also to treat the muscles.  According to "Touch for Health" principles, specific muscles are connected to

specific organs - therefore by treating for example the Triceps, the Pancreas would benefit or be healed.

Touch for Health is simply a variation of Acupuncture plus Palmer's occultic ideas. No needles are used but muscles

are manipulated and massaged or the therapist moves the flat hand up and down the meridian that applies (without

touching the body) and in this way restores the flow of the CHI / KI or "innate force".  The muscles are thus strengthened

by balancing the "energy flow".


Conventional medicine attributes the underlying cause of sickness to germs, viruses, bacteria, etc. The existence of

these can be scientifically proved with the aid of a microscope. The medical practitioner prescribes antibiotics or other

medication to treat the problem.

According to Chiropractic, a vertebra may be displaced and cause pressure on a nerve. This displacement is called

a "subluxation" and cause a variety of sickness, e.g. ulcers, blood pressure, diabetes, epilepsy.  Chiropractic

identifies and restores the displaced vertebrae and pinched nerve which leads to healing of sickness.

American Chiropractors are divided into two groups - the "straights" and the "mixers".  The former are the

conservatives and adhere to the "one-cause one-cure" view of Palmer.  The "mixers" (liberals) hold on to the view

that subluxation can well be a causative factor but that scientific medicine can also be consulted.


Originally there was resistance to the registration of  Chiropractors (also Homoeopaths) in the R.S.A. during

1971-1974. Then in 1982 a law was promulgated in Parliament making provision for a council to control the

services of Chiropractors and other alternative medical services. Since 1985 provision has been made for the

registration of Chiropractors and Homoeopaths. At one stage Chiropractors could only receive training in

America. Now they may train in the R.S.A. at the Natal Technikon. The duration of the course is five years - the

first two years consist of a general medical course with subjects such as Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology, etc.

The last three years offer two main directions namely Homoeopathy or Chiropractics.

Norman Gevitz says in the book "Studies in the History of Alternative Medicine", that Palmer borrowed from

A.T. Still, the founder of Osteopathy (osteo - bone; pathos - suffering). Like Palmer, Still also practiced

magnetism and spiritualism. He had visions and was a clairvoyant.

R.L. Caplan in the book "Alternative Medicine" pleads for co-operation between Chiropractics and Scientific

Medicine. A Chiropractor, Halderman, states himself that up to 1976 there has been no organised attempt to prove

scientifically the theory on which Chiropractics is based.  Caplan expressed dissatisfaction at the lack of interest

shown by Chiropractors in University and State research programmes to prove the feasibility of Chiropractics. The

disinterest displayed by these therapists could be attributed to some degree to the success they attain with this



Most new age therapy speaks about the cause of sickness to be a blockage or unbalance of an invisible current of

universal energy.  The Chinese speak of meridian canals. The Hindu speak of psychic centers called chakras through

which Prana flows.  D.D. Palmer speaks of universal energy called INNATE which flows through nerve canals.

The Chinese remove this blockage with Acupuncture needles or Acupressure or Reflexology massage. The Hindus

restore Prana flow by Yoga (Meditation).  Palmer restores flow of this energy through spinal manipulation (Chiropractics)

A neutral universal energy like electricity or radio waves does not exist in the human body. Whether the therapists

realise it or not, whoever makes use of such an "energy" to remove blockages or to restore balance is busy exercising

a religious act where a different spirit and a different god from that of the Bible are involved.  This is nothing

other than witchcraft. Whoever consults these therapists exposes himself to a foreign or evil spirit.

Dr Reisser and co-authors of the book "New Age Medicine" warn that the root of all therapy methods must

be checked out. They refer to Chiropractors as New Age Therapy. Many therapists of this method have sober

motives and attempt to condone it on scientific grounds. Unfortunately they fail to discern the spirits involved and

mislead so many naive and desperate folk in search of healing.

Fuller says in his book that Chiropractors and osteopaths in the U.S.A. have to a large degree rejected the

Mesmeristic origin and Metaphysical contents of Chiropractics in their attempt to be recognised by the American Medical

Association. Many Chiropractors admit that microorganisms and bacteria play a role in various sickness.

The fact that this therapy has its conception and birth in sin makes it totally unacceptable to Christians. Therefore be

warned against Chiropractors. Many of these therapists are involved with more than mere spinal manipulation

and some have interlinked their practices with Acupuncture, Reflexology, Applied Kinesiology or Acupressure.


A former Homeopath converted to Christianity relates how some Chiropractors caused "vertebrae to

jump back into position", simply by moving the hands over the spine without making contact.

Paul C. Reisser warns: "We know of Chiropractors who have blended their therapy with other methodologies

including energy channeling meditation, aura work, Christian Science, psychic healing and overt Spiritism".

The negative results of all these and other Eastern healing practices are the sober, realistic and critical judgement

of intelligent Westerners have fallen by the wayside - they do not comprehend what they do. The muscle

response test or Vitamin test of Applied Kinesiology cannot be discussed here owing to lack of space but heed

what the word says in 1 Corinthians 14:20, 1 Peter 1:13.

Beware of Therapists who sell a "drugless" therapy and consider conventional medicine old fashioned and

redundant and therapists who use invisible energies or magnetic currents, therapies that don't stand up to scientific tests

and that don't make sense and therapists that mislead you with their success stories. The devil deceives and the Bible

speaks of "lying wonders", 2 Thessalonians 2:9.

A well-known Professor attached to a Medical faculty, claims that much damage is done to spines as a direct

result of Chiropractics. These spinal problems are later referred to the orthopaedic specialists for attention.

Problems often arise from a "pinched nerve" but not to the extent claimed by the Chiropractic fraternity. Christians are

urged to seek the medical opinion of an Orthopaedic specialist. he is a qualified physician with an additional

four year specialist training in spinal and bone defects. The Chiropractor has a Technikon diploma and applies a

therapy derived from occultism.

Finally many experts on the occult e.g. Ouweneel and Kurt Koch warn that touch or laying on of hands can form

a bridge for demons to use to bring people into bondage.  Symptoms that demonic power has been transferred may

only rear their head later in the patient or in succeeding generations. Here we have to do with a questionable therapy

and Christians should therefore be aware.

TESTIMONY OF MRS PYPERS ( A well known local minister's wife)

Once a Chiropractor treated Mrs Pypers at her home. He moved his hands over her back without touching her, in

order to try and locate the problem. Thereafter he began manipulating the vertebra. Several days after the treatment,

she developed a severe pain in her thigh and it kept her awake at night. She visited a physician and then a

specialist. He identified the problem and recommended a hip replacement. In the meantime she suffered great pain.

Reverend Pypers and his wife began to pray about time illness and each time they prayed it occurred to her that

the name of the Chiropractor would come to her mind.  Reverend Pypers treated his wife's problem as an occultic

one when he prayed for her. She was set free and received total healing and there was thus no need for the operation.

At a camp the Chiropractor received the Lord as his Saviour and became born again and broke with his

practice. He confessed that prior to the completion of his studies in the U.S.A., it was expected of him to pray

certain prayers at the Hindu shrines.  From the Chiropractor's text book Reverend Pypers could clearly deduce that the

therapy was based on magnetism.


In order to understand this phenomena it is necessary to go back in History to the time before and after the formal

beginning of Osteopathy and Chiropractics (1870). At this time bone setting was a common occurrence.  These

bonesetters were most often mesmerites who cured sickness and pain by laying on of hands and the manipulation

of legs, hips, vertebra. Among these persons were ministers of churches who were respected as people with godly

or supernatural gifts. A.T. Still went around on an ox wagon on which he gave exhibitions of how he healed

peoples legs, hips, and backs. He ascribed these wonders, with examples from the Bible, to Jesus Christ.  Still had

seen visions - since his youth he was a clairvoyant who took a keen interest in spiritualism.

Mesmerism (warm or healing hands) is considered by many writers as the biggest single occultic influence which

influenced the medical and religious history of America.

The founders of Homoeopathy, Osteopathy and Chiropractics were all Mesmerites

As time moved on this "gift" from America reached our country via imported preachers.  These people with their

demonic mesmerist powers to lengthen and shorten legs, penetrated several naive churches. The writer can testify

to the fact that he received this "gift" from having hands laid on him and he practised the "gift" for a period of

time.  After a warning from Dr. Kurt Koch, the writer renounced the "gift" and the "power" disappeared.

To pray legs longer or shorter has thus the same Mesmeristic roots as Chiropractics.  Many Christians are still de-

ceived and don't know the origin of this. Add to this the many Charismatic pastors and healers who confess to

having "warm hands" when praying for others. They don't realise that mesmerism (warm or healing hands

is a demonic gift.  Christians must be warned that they must not come under bondage or the power of the devil by

allowing such persons to pray for them.

"Don't let others spoil your faith and joy with their philosophies, their wrong and shallow answers built on

men's thoughts and ideas instead of on what Christ had said". (Col. 2:8)