To facilitate the understanding of acupuncture a short explanation of Taoism is necessary, as acupuncture developed from Taoism, one of the religions of China.

Taoism, just like Buddhism and Hinduism and other Eastern religions, is pantheistic. This means that they do not believe in a personal creator God that can love one and with whom one can converse. As with radio activity, a cosmic vibration or spirit (named chi) emanates from this deity and filters down to penetrate and maintain everything. 'God' is thus not in heaven, but in everything. This religion's name is Tao, which means "The Way".

Because their 'god' is not a person, they have no saviour as in the Christian faith. A saviour is also not necessary, because according to them, man does not sin. Man is basically good and self-redemption is the answer to problems. Other things like, amongst others, the stars, celestial bodies (astrology) and seasons, influence one's life.

Allegedly acupuncture originated 4 000 - 6 000 years ago. The name is derived from Latin: acus (needle) and punctura (prick). This eastern medical practice spread to the west as a result of trade contact from the 16th century. Especially during the last three decades, this practice has flourished tremendously.


Taoism is the basis of acupuncture. Acupuncture is Taoism applied. According to Taoism the world is permeated with 'chi', the universal spirit that impregnates and maintains everything. It relates to the Universe, all of reality, the Macrocosm. This chi-energy also permeates the human body, the Microcosmos; it divides into two systems in the body, namely 'yin' and 'yang'. Followers of acupuncture believe that chi-energy, flows in 12 meridians through the body, almost like rivers on a world map. The meridians, however, have no connection with the bloodstream or the nervous system. These meridians are situated beneath the surface of the skin, six on the left hand side and six on the right hand side of the body. There is also a clear connection between the twelve meridians and the twelve signs of the zodiac (astrology).

Six meridians are yin (passive, female, dark) and six are yang (energy, male, light). The yin-yang principle is the essence of this method of healing. The whole universe, including the human body, is maintained by the balance of these two forces.

Illness is caused by a disturbance of imbalance between the yin and the yang. If an organ has too little yin or yang then it becomes ill. Sin, which for Christians is sometimes a factor with illness, does not exist for this Eastern religion. The closest equivalent possibly to sin, is the disharmony, lack, or imbalance between the yin and the yang.


The yin yang sign is also used in karate. The similarity between karate and acupuncture rests on the fact that Buddhism (basis of karate) and Taoism (basis of acupuncture) exercised a mutual influence on each other. Furthermore, a Chinese book named 'I Ching' (to them like our Bible is to us) determined the uniformity in thinking found in Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism. It is this book that brought the yin - yang principle into these religions originally. This is why there is a strong resemblance between these three religions.


An imbalance between the yin and yang thus causes illness, where there maybe too much yin and too little yang in an organ. This balance can, however, be restored by acupuncture and then healing takes place.

According to acupuncture practitioners there are 365 (some say between 800 - 1 000) acupuncture points on the body. These acupuncture points may be called the taps where the chi-energy is regulated. The taps that determine regulation, are the needles that are inserted on specific spots (depending on the problem) on the meridians, to restore equilibrium. Today, stainless steel needles are used and are inserted at different angles (90,30, 60 or 10-30 deg.). Formerly, the needles were made of silver and gold. The needles are not always inserted to the same depth. They stay in position for 10 - 30 minutes. A modern variation of acupuncture is pressure point massage. Instead of needles, massage is done on the specific acupuncture points. Massage does the work of the needles, to allow the chi-energy to flow normally again.

Another variation, is electro-acupuncture, where an electric current is used on specific points on the skin. Some people even make use of meditation (meridian meditation) to improve the flow of chi-energy. Acupuncture is also used as an anaesthetic technique (acupuncture anaesthesia) during operations.


No western, scientific, medical explanation is to be found for acupuncture. Most medical men are of the opinion that autosuggestion, imagination or hypnotism play a large role in type of healing. This is so, in as far as it can play a role in any cure. Especially when cognisance is taken of the success of acupuncture on animals, then one must admit that something more than suggestion, imagination or hypnosis is involved. Acupuncture works and there are many cases where even medical men use it with much success. The question is just, what god and what spirit is involved? It is definitely not the God of the Bible and His Spirit, but certainly other spirits. Furthermore, there is also definitely no scientific grounds for the success (?) of acupuncture.


1. The philosophic-religious basis of acupuncture, comes from 'I Ching' the Taoist's 'Bible'. In it, the yin - yang philosophy is expounded and through it, the foundation of acupuncture as a method of healing, is laid down. This book is in particular, one of fortune-telling and magic, things forbidden by God (Deut. 18:9 - 12). The 'spirit' involved in the writing of this book was therefore not the Spirit of God, but demonic spirits, because it propagates things forbidden by God! The script for this method of healing thus comes from Satan himself.

2. For the Christian, the Bible is the criterion for all forms of healing. The Bible tells one what to do if one is ill (James 5:14 - 16). The Bible does not endorse the healing method of the philosophy of acupuncture. The concept of the god involved in acupuncture differs. Acupuncture is a demon-designed prescript for healing, based on Taoism. Whoever endorses acupuncture, accepts with it an idol and rejects the personal God of the Bible and Creator - even if he confesses to the opposite with his mouth! In the words of Bob Larson: 'Clearly, acupuncture is not based on God's principles, so how may we expect the Creator's approval of its practice'.

3. The 'spirits' involved in acupuncture are 'evil spirits'. These spirits are nothing more than demons with an apparently good function, for example to heal people and thus to deceive them (white magic). Whoever subjects himself to this Taoistic healing, gives evil spirits a right to and grip on, his life. Of this the Bible says: 'Neither give opportunity to the devil'. Ephesians 4:27.

4. Taoism and acupuncture are deeply rooted in the astrology and dogma of micro cosmos and macro cosmos. According to this, man is not made in the image of God, but is a projection of the Creation. In practice, this means that the placement of the stars have something to say about man. Conversely, it also means that the condition of the whole body may be perceived in a certain part of it. Body parts that are used for this type of diagnosis are: the shell-shaped portion of the ear (ear acupuncture), pulse rate (pulse diagnosis by acupuncture), palm of the hand (reading the palm), sole of the foot (diagnosis according to the sole of the foot), the nails (nail diagnosis), iris of the eye (iridology).

5. Many experts of the occult, like K. Koch and W.J. Ouweneel, say that acupuncture proves to be much more successful with doctors and patients who have the abilities of spiritual mediums, than with others. Some of the healers with such abilities, claim that they can actually see the meridians of acupuncture. Others of those with these supernatural and psychic 'gifts', use the pulse diagnosis technique. According to this, by the touching of any two pulses, up to 336 different observations can be made. This is thus clairvoyance involving the sense of touch.
Clairvoyance is a form of divination and a sign of demonic bondage. Although only some of those that practice acupuncture have these abilities, it does not make acupuncture any less dangerous to the soul, as a healing method.

6. Even though most acupuncture practitioners distanced themselves from the original philosophical and religious background, the technique of acupuncture is nevertheless a Taoistic one, namely the restoration of balance between the yin and the yang. Acupuncture is Taoism. If Taoism is the basis of acupuncture, how can God give His approval that another god (an idol by the name of Tao) and other spirits are consulted?

7. There is absolutely no scientific proof for the existence of meridians or acupuncture points. But what of the correlation between the meridians and nerve shafts or nerve canals (71% correlation) to which some scientists refer? Did the Chinese discover the existence of the nerve canals, after scientific investigation and then call them meridians? No. Science was not that far developed. Just as confirmation comes from clairvoyants today that they can see meridians (even though there is no scientific proof) so we can accept that the architects of acupuncture probably had the clairvoyant abilities to see the nerve canals. It is widely known that clairvoyants can also 'see' weather and positive things and do not only work with lie and deception. However, to want to condone acupuncture because the meridians and nerve canals display a 71% correlation, would mean that we are condoning clairvoyance with clairvoyance (even though the Bible forbids it). This is because some of the predictions are realised or contain some elements of truth! This the Christian cannot do! (1 Chron. 10.13, 14).

8. A time that is characterised by a tremendous interest in the occult and in Eastern mysticism, also is characterised by a desperate scramble of the exercisers of these occultic healing practices to declare them as scientific. In such a way, the practice of using a pendulum with diagnosis are made and homeopathic medicines dispensed, is referred to as 'Radionics'. This is also true of the well-known 'Black box' or 'De Ia War-machine' with which diagnoses are made, as well as Kirlam photography with which the aura, meridians and acupuncture points are photographed. The pantheistic 'life force' of homeopathy and the Chi energy of acupuncture and karate, is presented as scientific and innocent and as something resembling microwaves. Water divining, chrystal and pyramid force are of the things that will apparently still be explained scientifically some time in the future. But this is presently still not understood. These are supposedly laws of nature, which are still not understood.

9. 'But the acupuncture practitioner is a Christian', some maintain. The fact that he's a Christian, is immaterial. He works for the devil. Christians and medical men can also be deceived. This is why we have the command in the Bible to test the spirits. (1 John 4:1).

10. People that have been treated by acupuncture, often display typical psychic and spiritual problems. Many testimonies of such people are available from those who pray for release from occult bondage. Neurosis, depression, other psychic problems and also some spiritual problems (such as spiritual apathy, in respect of Bible study, prayer and lack of testimony) are experienced. Irritability, moodiness and problems with impure thoughts, are few of the many problems that people experience after acupuncture treatment.

11. Acupuncture is a Taoistic method of healing. It is not acceptable to born-again Christians. People need to be earnestly warned against it. Whoever becomes involved in acupuncture, becomes guilty of idolatry (Ex. 20:3). Those who see no wrong in it, are either blinded by Satan (2 Cor. 4:4) and bound by him or are after the monetary gain (e.g. if they earn an income from it).

12. In Psalm 115:8, we read of the idol that people built for themselves. They that make them (idols) are like unto them, so is every one that trusteth in them'. When one sees the anger of Christians when they are warned against these idols including karate, acupuncture, homeopathy, yoga, water divining, etc., then one can understand what the Lord said in Psalm 115, i.e. that they will become like their gods. They have ears and eyes but cannot hear or see. Satan has blinded them.

Note the following:

Acupuncture fails test Created: Thursday, July 07, 2005 Acupuncture was no more effective than sham treatments for treating pain in people with fibromyalgia, a condition characterised by chronic pain in the head and torso, according to a US study in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine.


The 12-week study included 100 fibromyalgia patients. Researchers compared conventional acupuncture to sham treatments - simulated acupuncture that didn't actually pierce the skin; acupuncture for an unrelated condition; and needle insertion at points in the body that aren't used in acupuncture, the Associated Press reported.

The researchers concluded that using acupuncture in addition to other treatments being employed by fibromyalgia patients provided no more pain relief than the sham treatments.

Researcher Dr Dedra Buchwald noted that acupuncturists generally customise treatments for each patient and often combine acupuncture with other forms of treatment - something that can't be done in a clinical trial.

She told the AP that acupuncture "certainly works in acute pain control and it works in some conditions of chronic pain, so I don't think this is to say that acupuncture doesn't work at all." (HealthDayNews)


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